McCoy Cast Seeding Points

McCoy Slimwedge Knife
Armin Winged Seeder
BOSS III Super Sower


Agpoint carries a range of McCoy Cast seeding points, winged seeders, BOSS Super Sowers and Armin points.


Slimwedge Knife Points and Winged Seeders

The McCoy Slimwedge 323 System is one of the most comprehensive, yet simple tillage and seeding tool systems available. 

Knife points come in two widths - 12mm in either 4" or 5" working depth option, or 16mm in either 4", 6" or 8" working depth options.

Winged Seeders have a 16mm leading edge with 2½" wide wings, and are available in 4" or 6" working depth options.


 McCoy Bolt On Knife Cast Points

CP02 range of low disturbance knife points in 12mm or 16mm widths and 5" nominal working depth.


McCoy Armin Points

The Armin wing allows for precision control of seed placement for better germination and back-fills the slot prior to seed delivery, preparing a lightly compacted seed bed for uniform sowing depth.


BOSS Super Sower Points

Three options of the Bolt On Super Sower points are available:

BOSS Single Bolt Hole Winged Seeder

BOSS II Double Bolt Hole Winged Seeder

BOSS III Single Bolt Hole Knife Point






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