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Pro Drives

Designed as a planetary drive, the Schumacher Pro Drive doesn't need drive arms and reversing levers. At the same time the mounting of the drive guarantees all lateral forces are transferred directly to the knife assembly.

The ProDrive is grease lubricated, not oil bathed. This makes for minimal maintenance and is environmentally friendly.

ProDrives are available in a horizontal or vertical power input version. This allows for a maximum of input power variations.

Pro Drive to Suit John Deere 900 Series Draper Fronts

This unit is supplied with a high quality Schumacher modular pro drive fitted with the pulley and a 27mm standard length bearing block assembly.

This standard unit (part number 87014869JD) suits JD fronts with serial number 710101 upwards. For fronts wit a serial number of 710100 and less, the longer block bearing is required (part number 82012767).