About Us

Anders Catalogue 1943

Agpoint Australia was formed in September 1991 with the acquisition of the manufacturing assets of E Anders & Sons Pty Ltd of Freeling, South Australia. Soon afterwards, manufacturing facilities, tooling and intellectual property for points, sweeps and chisels were also acquired from the former market leader, McKay Australia.

Consolidating on the Freeling site, Agpoint Australia quickly established itself as the leading manufacturer and supplier of points and discs in Australia, with a national network of distributors, dealers and tillage equipment manufacturers.

In 1997, the search for a competetive wear enhancemant treatment of forged steel lead to Agpoint sourcing a unique wear enhancement process for tillage tools, and also expanding the agricultural product range to include blades for grass care application.

During 1999 further growth occurred through the purchase of manufacturing assets and stock of Brisbane based agricultural parts supplier Pioneer Industries, expanding Agpoints predominantly broadacre product range, adding a full compliment of rowcrop products used in the farming of cotton and sugar cane.

In October 2000 Agpoint Australia changed ownership, from being a wholly owned subsidury of a publically listed company to an autonomous operating division of privately owned and Iowa based Osmundson Manufacturing Company.

In August 2010 ownership once again changed hands when Agpoint was purchased by Queensland based Great Western Corporation www.greatwesterncorp.com.au . This acquisition has enabled Agpoint to expand its sales and distribution in South Australia and Western Australia to include the Schumacher and Rasspe range of harvest products.

Today, Agpoint supplies most OEMs and dealers throughout Australia... making them truly a "One Stop Shop" for all tillage and harvest needs including:

  • A specialised range of products for no till / minimum till applications including knife points and coulter sytems
  • Points in various forms including the famous dart
  • Sweeps in standard, penetrator or glide-a-wing styles
  • Chisel and ripper points to suit almost any make of machine
  • Agtuff wear enhancement with a proven track record
  • Discs & coulters in almost any size and finish
  • Harrows, well known for their performance and durability with the forged tip for extra life
  • Bolts and nuts to suit the comprehensive tillage tool selection available
  • Specialist row crop componants including alabama sweeps, furrowers, coil tynes, clamps and wedges
  • Parts for IHC 3-4; IHC 3-5; Napier 690 Offsets
  • Pro drives
  • Schumacher cutting systems
  • Crop lifters