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Agpoint has a range of plow bolts from Australian manufacturer Ajax Engineered Fasteners.

Plow Bolts in 7/16" or ½"

Special Crushed Head in 3/8" or 7/16"

AG-Head in 3/8" or 7/16"

Cuphead in ½"

Shearer Trashworker in 9/16"


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AG Bolt
BRH Bolt
CSK Bolt
Special Crushed Head Bolt
Shearer Trashworker Bolt


Agpoint has expanded it's range of u-bolts by including the the Great Western Tillage part numbers. Coverage from 3½" bar to 8" bar in material sizes from 5/8" to 1" Refer UBolts Reference Chart


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Shear Pins

The Agpoint range of Shear Pins are available as:

"Standard" TIAPAG016 61mm  to suit Agpoint, Agrowplow, Keech, Gessner and Bonel assemblies

GWSP071 71mm to suit Agrowplow

GWSP095 95mm to suit Agroplow

All Shear Pins are supplied with two Clevis Pins.


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