Cast Seeding Points


This range includes a range of wear enhanced points and adapters to suit most applications.

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Included in this range

31CSB - 36CSB seeding points, including reversibles, in varying degrees of wear enhancement to suit 16mm male adaptors

40CSB - 41CSB male points to suit Keech female adaptors

61CCA single bolt hole cast adaptors to suit Shearer, Ford, Gyral etc

31CC   2 x  7/16" bolt hole adaptors to suit IHC Vibrashank, Leon Hesston, Morris, Flexicoil, Bourgalt, Ezee-On, Gyral, AFM etc

32CC   2 x ½" bolt hole adaptors to suit AFM, Morris, John Deere, Friggstad, Gason Hinniker, Versatile, Horwood Bagshaw, Gyral & North American machines.

A3S weld on female adaptor

A4S female to male Adaptor


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31 & 32CCA
A3S & A4S