Agpoint carries an extensive range of discs from 13"  up to 36" diameter in plain or scalloped to suit most applicatons. This includes Alfarm, Bonel, Case IH, Chamberlain, Connor Shea Napier, Ford New Holland, Gibbins Rawlings, Grizzly, Hodge, Jarrett, John Berends, Massey Ferguson, Napier Grasslands, Shearer, Taylorway and more.

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Plain Disc
Scalloped Disc



Agpoint offers a wide range of coulters from 11"  up to 30" diameter in single or double bevel to suit machines including Agroplow, Austil, Clough, Duncan, Gessner, Hodge, Janke, PHM, Primary Sales, Shearer, Spring Ridge and Yeomans. We also have a range to suit the Holden HT hub pattern with sizes from 16" through to 26". The 18" coulters in this range are also available in fluted or wavy styles.

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Plain Coulter
Fluted Coulter
Wavy Coulter


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