Marlow Points


This range includes a variety of wear enhanced, light duty knock points to suit most makes of combines and cultivators.

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Included in this range

M1 43° in 4½" or 5½" for use with Massey Ferguson, Chamberlain etc

M2 46° suits most combines and cultivators. Available in 2" - 5" in 5mm or 6" - 8" in 6mm thick material.

M2 Lucerne Point or Seeding Point with extra Ag-tuff

M3 49° suits most combines and cultivators. Available 4" or 5" in 5mm or 6" or 7" in 6mm thick material

M1, M2 and M3 knock onto the MC11 marlow clip

M4 52° seeding point for Connor Shea Wideline, available in Seeding Point to 8" wide

M4 knock onto the MC21193 marlow clip

M5 43° fits John Deere 1000 Series, White, Gason 5100, MF259, Versatile etc. Available in 35mm Seeding Point through to 10" wide.

M7 47° in 7" or 8" to fit North American field cultivators, Flexicoil, Morris, IHC_Vibrashank, Bourgalt, Gason 6100, Horwood Bagshaw Scaribar

M5, M6 and M7 use 15552 clip