Sections, Nuts & Bolts

Schumacher ProCut knife sections are hardened in special, proprietary hardening process which results an extremely tough section.

The ProCut sections don´t bend, and therefore won't  cause damage to guards that regular sections can do. Our section breaks before it bends when hitting large stones or other objects, eliminating guard damage. 

The sections are zinc plated according to the newest environmental specs. This provides effective corrosion protection while at the same time eliminating the environmental problems chrome or cadmium zinc plating can cause.

The sections are fastened to the knifeback with a special serrated bolt and a flange nut. The conically shaped and serrated body of the bolt locks tightly in the section and knifeback hole. A tight and secure connection is the result while also allowing for the sections to be changed in the field quickly and easily.

Standard Section
Bolts and Nuts