Seeding Boots


Agpoint offers an extendable, quick change seeding boot system.

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The seeding boot ( SS2-1 ) will bolt onto most tynes with 1 3/4" or 2 1/4" bolt hole spacings, and is for use with Agpoint M8T and M9T series of sweeps and slimwedge clips.

The seeding delivery attachment (extension  SS2-2) slips into place inside the seeding boot when the sweep is removed. It is held in place by the unique shape of the Agpoint M8T series of knife points - no bolts required.

Use the Agpoint Retaining Clip to complete the locking system.


Agpoint Sales Manager Martin Schmid demonstrates how easy it is to adjust seeding assembly height when changing from a sweep to a knife point.

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Seeding Boot
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