Two Bolt Hole Sweeps


This range includes medium to heavy duty sweeps in a variety of bolt hole combinations.

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Included in this range

No 53 to suit coil tynes

101T and 303T Glide-A-Wing 43° to suit AFM, Gyral Penetrator etc

202T and 404T Glide-A-Wing 47° to suit Vibra-Shank, Leon, Hesston, Morris, Bourgalt, Horwood Baghaw, Flexicoil etc

43° Standard Range to suit Morris Magnum 1, Allis Chalmers, Taylorway etc

50° Standard, 50° Pentetrator and 50° Glide-A-Wing to suit John Deere, Massey Ferguson, AFM, Heston, Riteway, Symonds, Morris Magnum 2, Connor Shea, Versatile, Gason Eco-Till, Flexicoil 550

Shearer Standard and Penetrator Ranges for John Shearer Chisel Plows, Trashworker, Econodraft and Ford

Horwood Bagshaw Suits Bagshaw Stubblemaster with 7/16" and 5/8" bolt hole combination and 350 Scaribar ( single hole )

Gessner Penetrator Suits Gessner Chisel Plows

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