Tillage Cast Points

Agpoint Australia cast points for soil tillage.

Agpoint CastPoints and PeterpoinT

Agpoint Australia are the national Australian distributors for the Castpoints range of tillage products.

Castpoints produces a range of unique and award winning products that offer solutions regardless of your farming environment. There are now over 40 points and adaptors available which cater to a diverse range of applications including the Gyral Penetrator, Gason Para-Maxx, Excel Stubble Warrior, Multiplanter, Flexi-Coil and many more.

The PeterpoinT™ is an innovative new planting point that ensures fast, even and vigorous germination.

Developed by a farmer, for farmers, the PeterpoinT™ has helped hundreds of Australian farmers to enjoy better germination and crop quality AND avoid having to buy expensive planting equipment.

  • A unique spear point design with low draft wings, lifts and places the soil from the furrow, rather than throwing it on the seeds in the next furrow.
  • The smart design creates a protective environment around seedlings and ensures even establishment across the planting unit including wheel tracks.
  • Reliable construction allows it to be used in all types of soil around Australia. PeterpoinT™ has been used to successfully plant a wide range of winter and summer cereals, legumes and grasses.
  • Low draft/horsepower requirements saves fuel and wear due to the implementation of low swept back wings.
  • Unique shape and angle of the wings allow you control seed depth without having to use expensive and elaborate tynes and planter frames.
  • Reversible designs allow wings to be run deeper and flatter in the soil for enhancing soil fracturing to the side of the seed line.

These unique design elements combine to make PeterpoinT™ an invaluable aid in ensuring strong germination and optimum plant health.

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