Tillage Points & Sweeps – Wear Enhanced

Agpoint Wear Enhanced Points and Sweeps
Insist on genuine Agpoint Ag-Tuff products.
The process of applying the tungsten carbide particles is carried out in our Freeling SA factory as part of the manufacturing process. The tungsten carbide particles are shot into a molten pool of steel created by robotic TIG welders. This ensures the tungsten is embedded into the parent material, and is not simply applied to the surafce of the part.

AgTuff Wear Enhanced

Agpoint manufactures and wear-enhances a range of products including 7/16” and ½” single bolt hole combine, cultivator and scarifier points & sweeps; marlow points; heavy duty knife points in knock-on and double bolt hole; M8T sweeps; slimline points; as well as supplying a range of cast seeding points and adapters.

All Agtuff Wear Enhanced Tillage » (Data sheet as PDF).

Wear Enhanced Points and Sweeps in detail: